How To Prepare Physics For JEE 2020

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 Clearing JEE mains is the dream of every student. If you have just completed your 12th and have secured good marks then you should aim to score good marks in JEE. The main concept behind clearing JEE is the student must have good knowledge and must have all conceptual knowledge about all the subjects of 11th and 12th.


We all know 11th and 12th is the main bridge between the student and his/her career. HelloBachho one of the best JEE preparation online platform for all the students helping them in securing good marks.

We help students in clearing JEE main physics by providing them some valuable tricks and short notes on physics.

Here in this blog, we are providing the student with some of the strategies and things to avoid while getting prepared for Physics for JEE Mains.

Strategies for getting prepared for JEE mains Physics:-

  • The students must take their dream of clearing JEE seriously. The shouldn’t move beyond their mediocre. Joining the best coaching classes for JEE will help them in clearing the exam efficiently.
  • Try to grab things faster, If your 11th and the 12th concept are not clear then try to clear them ASAP.
  • Search for the best teacher who will help you in clearing the concept and will take you to the next phase.
  • Never get confused with questions like “How to start?”, “From where should I begin my learning?” and many more. Make a strict routine for all the subjects and follow that to efficiently cover all the subjects.
  • A minimum of 5-7 hours of studies is considered good for getting prepared for JEE.
  • Try to complete all the assignments and homework within the given time and If possible then do a power study.
  • Start appearing Mock tests and get acknowledged with the question format of JEE. The students should make a habit of problem-solving. This will help them a lot in getting prepared for the JEE. The most important point is the passion and determination to clear JEE, one should maintain consistency throughout the process of clearing JEE.

Tip From Our Teachers:-  “ The planning and making strategy phase shouldn’t be time-consuming. The time-consuming part is action, The student should implement the strategy into proper action. ”

Things to avoid while getting prepared for JEE 2020:-

Inconsistency in Studies:- The students should keep themselves up to date with all the latest syllabus and should cover all the things what is taught in class.

Backlogs:- This is the most important thing a student should avoid while getting prepared for JEE. Sometime’s it’s okay to miss the daily track of the study but they should try to cover the thing within the running week.

Laziness:- Some students while studying do daydreaming, Just stare at the book and do nothing, They should avoid all these things and should try to focus on their study.

Excessive TV/Social media and Video games:- The students should avoid excessive TV shows and video games. While getting prepared for JEE they should avoid social media for a few days so that they can concentrate well on their studies.

Why Hello Bachho is the leading Online coaching for JEE?

  • We provide online lectures of physics using short tricks
  • We provide pendrive courses for JEE Physics for offline study
  • We provide full support after enrolling in our courses
  • Our courses are unique because they have short tricks to solve questions in 10 seconds
  • We provide doubt discussion groups for enrolled students for doubt solving

HelloBachho helps the aspiring students in clearing their physics for JEE. We help them by providing Physics tricks for JEE So that they will be easily and efficiently clearing their physics.




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