How do I study physics to get 150 marks in the NEET?

access_time 2020-02-20T13:01:01.909Z face Swati Gupta
For most of the medical students, it is challenging to understand each and every topic in Physics and score 100+ in NEET UG. If you wish to truly score more than 150+ marks out of 180 in Physics, here’s what you need to do. Polish the Important Topics: If you haven’t still mastered these topics, it’...

How can I prepare for the NEET 2020 in 2.5 months if I have completed theory (80%) but not practiced enough questions?

access_time 2020-02-20T12:16:43.755Z face Swati Gupta
Well, now that you have completed the 80% of your theory, you can easily spend the rest of the time in practicing more and more questions. Remember: Without practicing questions and previous year papers, it will be very difficult for you to score well. MTG’s Objective NCERT at your fingertips for NE...

How do I get 400+ in the NEET in 2.5 months?

access_time 2020-02-20T11:36:24.062Z face Swati Gupta
2.5 months is too little time to start studying now. However, I believe you have been diligently studying your NCERT books throughout the year. If yes, then clearing NEET UG 2020 won’t be too difficult for you. You can start by focusing more on important topics. Let me mention subject wise important...

What should I do if I have just started to prepare for the NEET UG 2020 but I am low in confidence if I will be able to make it out?

access_time 2020-02-20T10:52:31.454Z face Swati Gupta
Firstly, there’s no substitue for Confidence. You need to have absolute conviction in yourself before you appear for your NEET 2020 Exam. Well, now that very little time is left, there are only two things that you need to focus on: Important Topics: Now that very limited time is left, you need to fo...

After taking the NEET 2019, what advice would you give to the NEET 2020 aspirants?

access_time 2020-02-09T15:51:21.858Z face Swati Gupta
If you have appeared in the NEET 2019 exams that simply means that A) This time you are better prepared and B) You have learned from your mistakes. As the NEET UG 2020 is round the corner and you have had ample time to prepare again, you must be very well equipped and confident this time. I would li...
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